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In ArtC1359, Critique, Projects on 04/29/2010 at 3:24 pm

  1. Hi Jackie,
    1. Name three ways using color enhances the chromatic metamorphosis from sequence to sequence?
    I really enjoyed looking at your assignment. I think that it illustrated the assignment in a very clear manner.
    There was a graduated horizon (like a sunset effect on Mars) that was consistent throughout the 7 examples. The colors used in the background appeared to be different shades of the same color. The color chosen was warm and provided just the right amount of contrast with the other elements.
    Thank you,
    Mary Lou Saxon

  2. 4. Where is repetition and or rhythm used in the sequences? Is the use ofRepetition/Rhythm effective? Explain.
    Emphasis : How and where is emphasis used in the series of steps?
    Typography: Describe how typography is used in the metamorphosis process.

    What’s up Jackie,

    Your composition uses rhythum with the two fingers pointing the letter. The fingers moves away from the letter design in metamorphosis to show another object. I see as your letter change into the saints design, a glow in the back ground give the emphasis of your composition. Your letter spins into an New Orleans Saints symbol. It looks like a the symbol if it’s not.

    Christopher Lazard

  3. What it do Jackie,

    2. What type of balance is used in the metamorphosis and what is the point of focus? Does either change between the steps or do they remain the same throughout the steps? Be specific in answers.

    You do a great job of keeping these sequences almost completely symmetrical. The hands in the sequence are always opposite one another, not only that but they are always pointing to the focus of the image. The focus in the sequence is always in the center of the image which again points to the symmetrical aspect of the composition. I liked how the hands ended up pointing to two new objects that don’t end up until the last few frames, i just caught that. Great job, liked your work.

    -Andrew Vandecasteele

  4. 3. How is perspective used in the overall composition? What type of perspective is used and how does it enhance the composition and/or the transition between steps?

    Perspective is used in the overall composition by having different perspectives of the letter J. The type of perspective used is a horizontal background. This horizontal perspective enhances the composition by creating a resting place for the eye. The horizontal perspective seems to be the only thing that doesn’t really have a transition between steps. Perspective is used in this composition very well.

    -Heather Knox

  5. 5. Describe what is potentially happening between the steps. How effective is the transition between the seven steps, explain? If the continuity is not effective why is it not working?

    What do you think of the quality of the design and composition? Is there enough contrast between each of the seven images to get a true feeling of chromatic metamorphosis, explain?

    Hello Jackie,
    I like your project very much because it really does give the feeling of chromatic metamorphisis.In the composition, It looks like the hands are rotaning the letter and then magically transforming it into this other symbol. All of your images help show that transition. The continuity works very well because the sequence is very smooth and doesn’t just jump to another image. There is just enough contrast to give the illusion of chromatic metamorphisis.
    Yesenia Leal

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