Mistress Mavro


In ArtC1359, Projects on 02/19/2010 at 6:22 pm

  1. Hello, Mary Lou~

    While I love the presentation of the image, I can’t say that I think the topic of transportation was explored. This could possibly be on my own fault, because I can’t recognize what the pods themselves are, or were before the image was created.

    The blue and the texture is fantastic and it is very pleasing to the eye, and I can’t stress how much I love it. The only problem that I have is that I can’t see how it uses the theme of transportation.

    –Kirsten Miller

  2. What do you think of the quality of the design and composition? Do you believe the composition was well thought out, reasons? Were the elements of space, line and shape effectively used?


    This image is vertical, and I think it was supposed to be horizontal.
    Yes, I think you put quite a bit of thought into making your composition nice looking. Space was effectively used, I’m not sure about Line, and shape was pretty good.

    ~Amy Oudin~

  3. How effectively was the concept of “transportation” explored? Do
    you think that this student successfully communicated transportation as
    the main idea of the composition; if not what do you think the main
    concept is?

    Very surreal. Though your image is very compelling, it really does not covey “transportation”, unless you are the bird. The other elements do not add to the message of transportation either. But since I can not figure out what the four pronged shapes are, it’s hard to see
    how the title “travel” relates as well…perhaps if you had a bunch of suitcases floating about..


  4. Jackie,

    1. The space is used in this composition by water fountains, “hydro pods,” the tree limb, the background behind these images, etc. all deal with space. I do enjoy how the space is used, how the images are place in the composition. It is not too cluttered and not too sparse and the unique images create neat positive and negative space.
    Techniques which may crate the illusion of space are the fountains have a connection with the pods together making a hydro pod which I perceive is a pod that manipulates gravity or is in flight with the use of water to fuel/transport the pod. Another technique which may create the illusion of space is clouds are near the pods themselves so I assume that this hydro pod is at level with the clouds, that is my perception at least. I think it is a unique composition and very interesting.
    The elements of space are used to optimum effect in the composition by creating a landscape in a portrait/vertical space, using images to create their own imaginary transportation, and a branch that comes out from the clouds which I am not sure if it is intentional. Overall it is a very successful composition and all relates very well.

    -Heather Knox

  5. Question 3 – Shape How is shape used in the composition? 2-d, 3-d, grouping of shapes, etc. How were elements of shape used to optimum effect in composition? If shape was not effective give reasons.

    Hello Jackie,
    Your image looks pretty!
    And yes, I believe that you’ve used the element of shape effectively in your composition. The shape of the clouds is very pronounced, and the bird’s… pretty much everything is. It makes your image look clean and neat. Also, the round shapes are all grouped together in groups of four (Sorry, I don’t know what they are). What I like about them is that you’ve made them look 3D, which is very cool.
    Yesenia Leal

  6. How is line used in the composition? Contour, types of line, emotion or texture effectively used (describe where and how within the composition). How were elements of line used to optimum effect in composition? If line was not effective give reasons.

    Hi Jackie,

    Jackie’s line technique was used is implied lines. The lines draw your eyes up to the objects in the sky. Also, it’s shows more of angry lines as well. Seeing that the objects launching out of the water.


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